About Moldavite

What is Moldavite?

Known as the Emerald that fell from the universe, Moldavite is a tektite (Meteorite) with a hardness of approx. 6 on the Mohs scale. The asteroid impacked the earth approx. 14.5 million years ago what is now known as the Ries Crater in Barvaria (Germany). The melted material from the impact was sent flying into the atmosphere, cooled down & formed the tektite into what is now Moldavite, primarily landing in the areas of South Bohemia (Czech Republic.

Besednice Moldavite


Besednice Moldavite are the most prized & sought after of all Moldavite. Known as "Hedgehogs" for their spikes, these beautiful green, rich & dark textured tektites were found in & around the Besednice townsite & nearby fields. This area has been closed off for over 12 years now, making Besednice Hedgehogs very rare! It is illegal to extract Moldavite from this area as it is patrolled on a regular basis. The land has been reclaimed with trees & plants. Update January 2019.

The last remaining lots of Besednice has been release from the Czech Republic Expect more price increases.

Moldavite Benefits

One of the stones of the star children, moldavite activates profound shifts in consciousness, sprirtual awakening & transformation. Moldavite has a high silicon content & is a very high vibrational frequency stone that should be worn over the the heart chakra. It is very stimulating & can have grounding benefits. Besednice Moldavite activates heart to crown chakras. One of the easiest felt stones, Moldavite should be introduced slowly to avoid side effects, like the Moldavite "Flush" or headaches due to it's high frequency.